1,500 lightning in 5 minutes. What happens ? Are we prepared to meet them ?!

What seemed like a quiet day for Southern California residents has become a spectacular but frightening day. I remember a similar experience, but on a much smaller scale. It’s not really a show, for most people it’s scary. Panic disorder installs very quickly, panic attacks, no one knows what’s going on. Children are very scared and crying because we know the lightning comes with thunder.

Returning to our alien story, what will happen if a space ship approaches the earth. A ship of the size of a city.

Are we prepared to meet them ?!

Small enthusiastic communities are too few, and some people qualify us mad. I do not think there is a pact in which somebody will prepare us. And as I said, I do not think we’re ready. But must we prepare? The only floating version I can see is to come and rescue us.

Thunderstorms Hit Southern California

Lightning and thunder, all over the news was presented as a specatacol. but was it a show? If there is someone who has been present and can tell us more.

Another storm drenched the Southland Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, as hundreds of lightning strikes illuminated the night sky and the flooding risk remained high in wildfire burn areas in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

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